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The Hub London Calling. Nothing like a change.

We moved to Covent Garden from Clerkenwell 8 years ago this month! It seems like yesterday.

It is nice to see the area getting busy again following the pandemic. Like everywhere, it has been pretty eerie round these parts. As we are considered manufacturing we have been working pretty much all the way through the past 18 month. We are now back to whatever normal is these days.

We have had some changes here at The Hub over the past few months. Our good friend John Ferrara joined us back in May following Damo's departure. Quite weird that a Gareth Southgate lookie-likey replaced a Roy Hodgson lookie-likey, in England we believe!

John brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise and fantastic organisational skills. The office has never been so tidy!

We decided to relocate the production team into a new office, next to our boardroom, keeping the old area as a dedicated work space for our merchandise and mock-up work. Pop in for a cuppa in you are ever in Covent Garden.

We even have some nice pictures adorning the walls these days. A mixture of The Jam, The Clash and some prints that we have produced have made the new office feel like home.

As the saying goes, "a change is as good as a rest"

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