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The Harry's Masculinity Report 2017

One of The Hub London's very dear friends, Martin Daubney, commissioned us to produce an 82pp brochure for The Harry's Masculinity Report 2017. Working to tight deadlines, Daubs, knew he could count on us. Daubs is a prolific journalist and has a very impressive CV.

The report was presented in Parliament and the event was chaired by Martin himself. It is very powerful reading.

Dr John Barry, from UCL’s psychologist department, led the research and said: “There has been a very welcome increase in focus recently on male-specific issues such as the appallingly high male suicide rate and the underachievement of boys and young men in education.

“The findings of this survey provide important insights into what men need to live their lives in a positive way and how they should be represented.

“The findings should be of enormous interest to policy-makers as they seek improved strategies to address these pressing social problems.”

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