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Keep it Bud Light

We are always working on excellent creative projects. The recent "Keep it Bud Light" campaign was one that was great fun to be involved in.

We were commissioned to produced a range of products, including a bespoke kimono, that were to be used in the fantastic ad produced by Wieden and Kennedy London.

The ad is set on a beach and features a cast of beautiful millennials living effortlessly bohemian lives, while a jingle takes a paradoxical view of modern-day lifestyles. Th

Prior to the release of the ad Bud Light took London Fashion Week by storm with celebrities and models pictured in the kimonos, sliders, scarfs, socks, towels and bumbags at the star studied events throughout the week. The campaign started running in cinemas and TV in October and continues through November. #keepitbudlight

Daisy Lowe Rocks London Fashion Week


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